Thursday, December 10, 2009

raffa's birthday weekend away

this weekend past we went away for a friends birthday in wellington and had sooo much fun!!!! we also went to check out "the killers" concert in Paarl. i can't say i'm a big killers fan but hanging out with friends drinking beer is rad......until it was over and we had to leave and got stuck in the last parking lot out of there and had to wait for 3 hours before we could even move. that was totally lame. here's some pics of the weekend....

greg took this picture out of the oak tree

we put some interesting chess pieces in some interesting positions....


  1. Congratulations on your blog and your work is beautiful, greetings


    apology for errors, use the computer translator

  2. Thanks Demi Lu, i went to go check out your blog but i dont would i be able to read it in english? x

  3. so nice .. i wish that I could have been there with you all.
    love the pics