Tuesday, November 10, 2009

then its up then its D O W N

skermunkil at the Hearth Fair

i think next time everything is going rosy i'll be a little bit more cautious in putting it out there. im sure it was murphy's law getting me back last week (showing me just how "not nice" things can be or stoopid), after i was going on about how lucky i felt in getting so many surprises and presents in one week. after blabbering on about how rad my life was, everything turned pearshaped.
1. i almost got into a fistfight at a 1000 drawings (not really, but i could've)
2. tried out a new market in stellenbosch, the hearth fair, it was a complete washout (for us anyhows, just not enough of our peeps)
3. on the way back from market found out that our cash was stolen at the biscuit mill market.
i mean......yikes and what the.........jeez louise.
after that i locked myself in my house and im not going out until the dark clouds (literally) disappear.

our stand...

jane eppel and bruno a very cute dog. jane was selling jewels with her boyfriend nic bladen, check out his website here, i think her site is still coming....

blossom has a lovely shop in kalk bay, check their website out here....

i thought these were cute, but never asked who made them....

one really rad thing to mention cause it cant all be doom and gloom.....i got this fantastically beautiful cup/mug from my lovely friend Rayne....it is my new favourite thing and i drink coffee out of it constantly (and tea). it was designed by one of my alltime favourite designers,
Frauke Stegmann. i think she is a genius...seriously no jokes. all sorts of beautiful things are for sale at her mom and sister's restaurant, Birds Boutique Cafe.


  1. Beautiful post! Your stall looked gorgeous, as always. I'm SO SHOCKED to hear about your money being stolen....that is more than disgusting. I'm sending you good vibes xxxxxxx

  2. That really is one nice cuppa! Nice pics on your new stuff. The cookoo clock.... Luuuuurve it! :) x