Monday, November 2, 2009

presents, surprises, finds

last week was sooper rad, firstly i got my frankie cookbook "afternoon tea" in the mail. its full of tasty baked goods. yayyyy, lets have tea and lets buy an oven (yes, i dont have one yet...)

i found this sooper cute owl money bank in a antique shop in stellenbosch while i was looking for cutlery.....i didn't find any cutlery.

i received this beautiful gift of porcelain bunny spoon and two (not one, but two) fantastical bird pins that i abslolutely love. thanks so much to my lovely faraway friend samantha, you made me smile big smiles...

and lookie lookie what else i got from another faraway friend....frankie. sigh.....couldn't believe my eyes.....i'm going through it very slowly rochellie, savouring every moment!!!! thanks soooo much you made my month.

i feel so lucky

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