Tuesday, October 13, 2009

thinking and making

its time for new things. i have been thinking of new things to make while we were away and ideas have been swimming around in my head. i kind of have a weird design process which doesn't normally involve a lot of drawing or planning, but rather a lot of thinking. it does drive me insane sometimes. i also tend to think of a million things at the same time, which often result in me not doing much.....but stressing about how i will get everything done. but today for some or other reason i just started working (well that was after pilates and going shopping and dropping off dvd's.....and im pretty sure the sooper rad friendly people at the videostore think we never work....) work started at like 14:00 i think. anyways, i got some cool stone beads from india and this ring is for them. i will put up a pic when i am finished with it.

this is where i smelt metal (above) , you can see a bar of silver lying on the bricks. it has already been worked a little bit. the metal gets shaped by putting it through a roller (look below) where it either gets rolled into a bar shape or flat plate.

the ring has been bent up a little bit and i have started to file it into the shape that i want. i will keep on filing it until it is the right thickness all around before i bend it up perfectly on the sides. in the middle will go a faceted bead and on the side of the ring i want to put a little bird. i will file the little bird out of a seperate piece of metal and then solder it onto the ring. when it is finished, i will have a mould made out of the original and cast as many as i want....this normally depends on how quickly i get bored of it.

hey look its marlette, she is always working....bloody marvelous

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