Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i was tagged

thats me im camera shy, deal with it
gangapurna glacial lake, manang, nepal (sounds cool, huh?)

my friend thaya from beatnik bazaar tagged me and now i will tell you ten things about myself that you don't know. or i'll try....

1. i started making jewellery (rings) when i was 19 years old out of stainless steel wire and cheap beads and i walked around selling them for like R10 a pop.

2. im married to lovely rory mountjoy

3. i love strange food combinations like toast with onion marmalade, salty avo, strong white cheddar cheese and rocket. i love sweet/salty/savoury/tangy combinations.

4. my favourite beverage is good coffee or gin and tonics....

5. my favourite bands of all times are nick cave and the bad seeds and morrissey. and one of my biggest dreams is to see nick cave live.....ive seen morrissey already

6. im lazy but work well under pressure

7. i dream of owning a house in the country with a big stoep.

8. i'm starting a new business this summer with a friend, but its still a secret

9. i love watching tv, it steals a lot of my time. at the moment it's dexter, does anyone have season 4?

10. i have 2 brothers, one is a wine maker and the other one a sivil engineer. i've always thought it interesting and cool that we chose such different careers and that what we chose
kinda suits us.....

1 comment:

  1. divine, loved that you own up to watching alot of tv - its like a flippen swear word everywhere now...i mean, hello? i am SO with you when you find out where we can see nick cave - how can a woman not love a man who names an album, 'the lyre of orpheus?' (i have it by the way, if you want to copy!!!)and i still think about that amazing cappuccino you made me one time, on your stove in those kiff frothers and stuff. see you saturday!!!!!