Sunday, August 25, 2013

did you know we sell our things here?

there's 2 kalk bay co-ops in kalk bay, we are selling our jewellery and porcelain cups in the one next to the train station. it is a lovely shop filled with natural light. 
some of the people/designers displaying their art/craft/clothing in our shop is Keri Muller
Daya Heller, Lo-clothing and many more.
the other co-op is on the other side of the road and they have some cool local designers like 

 some pics of kalk bay co-op 2, where we are selling our things
the pick below is our display

 above and below some of keri muller's work
 below some of daya heller's amazing resin and fynbos hanging sculptures
 the two pics below some detail of Lo-clothing's space

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