Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello blog! tell me how you're doing

woweeeeee, it feels like years since ive been here. has almost been a year. 
i can't frikkin believe it. 
i have been missing my blog soooo much.
i got a bit bored with it, because i'm a bit graphic designery/computer challenged. 
i got sick of the photo above photo above photo layout and i
don't know anything about photoshop or indesign to change it. 
i've been thinking about going for a couple of classes to learn about layout, etc to try and refresh the look of the blog and to also keep things interesting for me. 
it would also be helpful work wise to be able to list products in more interesting ways.

besides not really blogging, i've been very busy with other things. 
the one and most amazing thing is my new baby boy Finn Ronan Mountjoy. 
he is just over 3 and a half months old now. 
tooo cute for words, but a handful.
i had no idea how hard it would be to be a mother and have changed my view of women and especially mothers and mostly my own mother completely.
women are rock stars. 
women kick ass. 
women are sooper-human. 
women all over the world are now heroes in my eyes. 

i think being a mother will change my life in ways i can't imagine.
i feel i still have no idea of how dramatically. 
but i feel it under my skin and as i deal with my day to day survival of being a mom it is revealed to me in glimpses and in constant reminders that the only way to deal with it is to be in every moment and to constantly let go of everything. 

this is life changing to put it mildly. 

now enough soppy realisations, here he is, the one and only Finn: 

 too damn cute i'm telling you!!!


  1. He's gorgeous! Congratulations. I saw you preggers on St James beach in summer.
    Finn looks just like his Dad in the 1st pic, and so much like you in the last.
    Welcome to the wonderful crazy world of parenting - it just gets better and better.

  2. Congrats, he's lovely! And don't worry - it totally gets easier! x

  3. Oh wow.......CONGRATULATIONS! That is such great news, he is gorgeous! Being a mama is THE BEST!