Monday, October 15, 2012

kamers vol geskenke

kamers vol geskenke starts this week.
it runs from the 21st to the 27th of October.
i can't believe it is already here....
i hope you will all come and hang out with us and buy some of our lovely things.

i got marli, my partner in crime, to take some photos of the things we will be selling.
here it is, have a look ↓↓↓↓

lovely laboratory glass vessels that you can use as flower pots or planters or you can use it in the kitchen as measuring jugs and wot not.
marli made the beautiful botanical illustrations and we had it sand blasted onto the glass.
 marli made amazing artworks which she had letter pressed in gold and then framed in these lovely wooden box frames.
she is also doing fantastic christmas packaging in the form of plastic buckets with gold vinyl on it, after you have used the buckets for your kids gifts, which is cool cause they can't break the seal otherwise you would know, you can use it around your house for anything and everything.
no more packaging that you just throw away :)
we also made some porcelain tea bowls and put some gold transfers on them. nice.
more of clever marli :)
we also had some awesome glass pendants blown. 
we're putting air plants in them and putting them on long silver chains. i think they are just great.

besides all of these things there will be more....
yes ways....
i will have some jewellery there (surprise surprise) and my hanging bettie plants
and marli has made beautiful letter-pressed notebooks.

so don't miss out and don't come without saying hallooooo!!!!!
we look forward to meet you!(but only if you nice :))